The Tan and J-Man Show

The Tan and J-Man Show

5 Seasons

Tanner and Josh debate topics from around the sports world every week on the Tan & J-Man weekly podcast!

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The Tan and J-Man Show
  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E302

    Episode 1

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E301

    Episode 2

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E300

    Episode 3

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E299

    Episode 4

    Tanner returns to the show as the guys talk NFL Training camp, Josh opines on the busy MLB Trade Deadline, and they take a look at how their 22 bold predictions for 2022 are faring.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E298

    Episode 5

    In Episode 298, Evan Webb fills in to talk with Josh about MLB, the Deshaun Watson suspension ruling, and look around NFL training camps.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E297

    Episode 6

    The guys get heavy into the baseball side of things, talking about the HR Derby, All Star game, and giving their second half predictions. Plus, Josh talks about the upcoming trade deadline and who he thinks could be on the move.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E296

    Episode 7

    J-Man calls it the "worst sports week of the year” but the guys still have plenty to talk about! Topics include Cameron Smith’s Open Championship, the HR Derby, the MLB All-Star game, and Josh’s trip to Wrigley over the weekend.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E295

    Episode 8

    In Episode 295, the guys talk about Baker Mayfield being traded to Carolina, some MLB, including the upcoming draft, and preview The Open Championship in golf.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E294

    Episode 9

    The guys discuss the Big Ten expanding to sixteen teams with the additions of USC and UCLA, if the league is done expanded and if not who the additional candidates could be. Plus, how the Big Ten's move affects everyone else (Big XII, etc.)!

    We will also discuss the Kevin Durant drama and Josh w...

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E293

    Episode 10

    The guys talk plenty of NBA Draft, especially where the Big Ten prospects ended up. Meanwhile, Tanner celebrates the Avalanche’s first Stanley Cup since 2001 and Josh provides a fresh look around the MLB as July is approaching.

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E292

    Episode 11

    The guys talk all the big events: US Open, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, MLB and, if there's time, they'll jump into the Big Ten Basketball home/away schedule releases!

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E291

    Episode 12

    On the golf side of things, Tanner talks LIV and preview the US Open. Meanwhile, Josh drowns his sorrows after his Cubs threw BP to the Yankees all weekend long in the Bronx. The guys also talk about the now set Stanley Cup Final and get into a best-of-three in the NBA Finals!

  • The Tan & J-Man Show S5:E290

    Episode 13

    On Episode 290, the guys talk about the NBA Finals, the NHL Conference Finals, MLB - Pretender or Contender segment & discuss the NFL schedule since they haven’t gotten around to doing so yet.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E289

    Episode 14

    On tonight’s episode, the guys recap the NBA Conference Finals and previewing the Finals, talk a little Indy 500, MLB and more!

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E288

    Episode 15

    The guys talk about the NBA Conference Finals, Justin Thomas’ historical comeback in the PGA Championship, MLB and Tanner gives his winner for the 500.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E287

    Episode 16

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E286

    Episode 17

    The guys dive into a big sports week with discussion on the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB and a shocking finish at the Kentucky Derby.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E285

    Episode 18

    The guys share their thoughts on the NFL Draft and talk the latest in baseball and the NBA Playoffs!

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E282

    Episode 19

    The guys give their final thoughts on the 2021-2022 college basketball season as they talk about updates in regards to the transfer portal with the local schools. Also a look back on the first weekend of MLB action and rundown of The Masters!

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E284

    Episode 20

    Tanner presents his final Mock and the guys have plenty of thoughts on this week's NFL Draft. Plus, they dive into the the NBA Playoffs, MLB and the crazy world of the NIL.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E283

    Episode 21

    In Episode 283, Josh has his Cubs report and the guys talk about that latest news through the first full week of the MLB season. They also talk about the NBA playoffs and some golf talk, since Jordan Speith was victorious on Easter weekend for the second straight year.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E281

    Episode 22

    The guys talk Final Four and tonight’s championship game, but with MLB season opening this week, they use Episode 261 as their official MLB season preview show! Also, some Masters talk as well as part of a very busy sports week.

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E280

    Episode 23

    Tan and J-Man recap the Sweet 16/Elite 8 and we’ll be previewing the Purdue and Illinois-less Final Four (sorry, fellas...). Also, the first of Tanner's two NFL Mock Drafts is ready to go and will be shared on Episode 280!

  • The Tan and J-Man Show S5:E279

    Episode 24

    The guys talk all things NCAA Tournament: the Big Ten’s struggles besides Purdue and Michigan, star performers, Sweet 16/Elite 8 picks, etc. Also, the latest on Watson going to the Browns and Josh’s thoughts on the Cubs old faces of their franchise going to new places.