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Get the latest on the Colts, Pacers, Indiana sports...and all the other randomness. Query & Schultz streams every Tuesday at 6 PM to ISCSportsNetwork.com, airs each Wednesday at 6 PM on Comcast channel 81, and is available anytime at QueryandSchultz.com.

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Query & Schultz
  • Query & Schultz S1:E40

    Episode 1

    The guys discuss a suddenly wide open NBA Playoff field, Jake's never-ending nosebleed in Detroit (that required a hospital visit), the 12-team CFB Playoff proposal, and the lack of famous people from Indianapolis.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E42

    Episode 2

  • Query & Schultz S1:E41

    Episode 3

  • Query & Schultz S1:E39

    Episode 4

  • Query & Schultz S1:E38

    Episode 5

    We recap a perfect day in the 105th running of the Indianapolis 500, examine Helio's all-time legacy, hand out our personal awards ("He finished where??", "Mr. Irrelevant", etc.), and get into the abhorrent fan behavior in the NBA Playoffs and the possible end of press conferences.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E37

    Episode 6

    We preview the 105th running of the Indianapolis 500, with storylines to watch and race winner predictions! Plus, Jake is shocked Phil Mickelson hadn't won a major in forever, Nate Bjorkgren's future as Pacers' head coach, and is Schultz's kitchen island actually a peninsula?

  • Query & Schultz S1:E36

    Episode 7

  • Query & Schultz S1:E35

    Episode 8

    Query is worried that his life-saving heart meds are leading to weight gain, but more importantly, the guys talk Pacers needing wholesale changes, the Colts' newest left tackle, and look back on Albert Pujols' start in St. Louis, which Jake covered twenty years ago.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E34

    Episode 9

    We react to the sad passing of Bobby Unser, the racing icon and incomparable personality. Also, a recap of the Colts' Draft class (we don't do draft grades - that's dumb), the Pacers' historic beatdown of the tanking Thunder, and discuss Jake's intimidating behavior over the phone with customer s...

  • Query & Schultz S1:E33

    Episode 10

    The guys react to the IMS announcement about fan capacity for the race and other Month of May events, predict what the Colts will do in this week's draft, debate the top-end quarterback prospects, and Jake shares a heartwarming story involving the bond he's formed with the heart surgeon who saved...

  • Query & Schultz S1:E32

    Episode 11

    The guys remember the great Slick Leonard, Jake randomly visits the estate of an overlooked former President and bleeds all over a hotel room (don't ask), talk Super League and relevance to major college football in the states, and remember the victims of the tragic FedEx shooting on the Westside.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E31

    Episode 12

    Despite the local sports "lull" (Query's word), we get into the Colts' offseason to this point, IU and Purdue dealing with the transfer portal, the impact of Hideki Matsuyama's Masters win, and Schultz's lawn.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E30

    Episode 13

    We recap a dud of a National Title game, talk about Mike Woodson's big first week at Indiana. Query visits the *actual live bear* on Baylor's campus, and we debate whether or not 2021 Gonzaga is still an all-time great team.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E29

    Episode 14

    The Final Four is set and Indiana (finally) has a new head coach! We talk about the final teams left standing in Indy, the start of the Mike Woodson era, and Query asks local restaurant workers to rank college basketball fanbases.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E28

    Episode 15

    It's CHAOS in the all-Indiana NCAA Tournament! We recap a crazy opening two rounds and jump back into IU's head coaching search. Also, Jake is incredulous that I've never heard of Abilene, Texas (before last week, obviously) and we try to guess the name of Oregon State's beaver.

  • Query & Schultz LIVE 3/19/21

    Episode 16

    In a special edition of Query & Schultz, the guys are LIVE from Indy Card Exchange on the first day of the NCAA Tournament! They talk about the Brad Stevens rumors, Purdue's chances, the sorry state of the Pacers, and are joined on-site by Indy Card Exchange owner Andy Albert, who grades Query's ...

  • Query & Schultz S1:E27

    Episode 17

  • Query & Schultz S1:E26

    Episode 18

    The guys discuss the soon-to-be-over (we think) Archie Miller era at Indiana, Purdue's continued dominance of the rivalry and March chances, rant about the NCAA Tournament floor changes, and give their informed takes on the Meghan & Harry Royal Interview!

  • Query & Schultz S1:E25

    Episode 19

    Everyone stinks right now! The guys discuss the freefalling Hoosiers and Pacers, recap Schultz's birthday weekend, remember the great Larry Clisby, and hit on all of their usual weekly features.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E24

    Episode 20

    The guys react to the Carson Wentz trade, debate the temperature of Archie Miller's seat, hit their usual weekly features and Schultz spends way too much time on it being his birthday week!

  • Query & Schultz S1:E23

    Episode 21

    Pushed back a day for Indiana's Snowmageddon 2021, we discuss Sam Darnold's potential (or lack thereof), how boring the current Pacers are, the possibility of F1 returning to Indy and a savvy business venture for both of us.

  • Query & Schultz S1:E22

    Episode 22

    - Bucs blast Chiefs in Super Bowl LV
    - Colts QB search continues
    - Peyton to the Hall, Reggie left waiting
    - IU scores a big win over Iowa, boosts tourney chances
    - Skidding Pacers fall to .500 before trip to Brooklyn
    - Winners Drink Milk: Winner of the Week, Love HVAC's: Love That Play!
    - Big Bo...

  • Query & Schultz S1:E21

    Episode 23

    - Where do the Colts go from here at QB?
    - Looking into Matt Ryan and other “meh” veterans
    - The Pacers' mediocre January
    - Query's extremely impressive (but useless) talent
    - Weekly features

  • Query & Schultz S1:E20

    Episode 24

    Super Bowl LV is set and the guys set the stage for another Tom Brady appearance (ugh). Q & S also discuss the growing list of Colts' quarterback options, IU's post-Iowa win flop, the latest on the Pacers, their usual features, and a victorious but disturbing accomplishment in the Schultz household.