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Get the latest on the Colts, Pacers, Indiana sports...and all the other randomness. Query & Schultz debuts every Monday at 7:30 PM on ISC TV, ISCSportsNetwork.com, Comcast 81, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

Query & Schultz
  • Query & Schultz S3:E129

    Episode 1

    The guys react to Lamar Jackson's request to be traded, discuss Will Levis as a prospect after his impressive Pro Day, and preview the most random Final Four in history. Also, Jake gets a cat and does Daffy Duck have more name recognition than Donald Duck?

  • Query & Schultz S3:E128

    Episode 2

    The guys dissect an historic elimination for Purdue, a lopsided one for Indiana, and where both programs go from here. Also, a look at Gardner Minshew at a brand-new Colts and making Old Fashioneds in-studio!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E127

    Episode 3

    The Madness (TM) is here and the guys discuss Purdue's double-dip of Big Ten titles and theirs/IU's draw. Also, is there a chance the Colts don't take a quarterback and a buffet of Lou Malnati's and Hoagies & Hops grub!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E126

    Episode 4

    The guys make their post-Combine QB pick for the Colts, discuss where Indiana and Purdue sit entering the Big Ten Tournament, and Schultz mistakenly spills new beer on the broadcast table.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E125

    Episode 5

    On a special Milestone Birthday edition of the show, the guys talk about why Indiana's win at Purdue was more important than IU fans might want to admit, take a look at Anthony Richardson and the craziness of the NFL Combine, plus Jake gets upset about not being on Derek's surprise 40th birthday ...

  • Query & Schultz S3:E124

    Episode 6

    On a President's Day edition of the show, Jake's stream of consciousness (uh oh) yields a variety of topics including next offseason steps for the Colts, public money going to sports stadiums, fixing the NBA All-Star Game, and much more!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E123

    Episode 7

    Schultz returns from Disney to recap Super Bowl LVII, give their takes on Shane Steichen, and discuss IU's surge and concerns about Purdue's latest loss. Plus, things get awkward when the guys talk about their plans for a grand opening appearance.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E122

    Episode 8

    The guys talk about Indiana and Purdue adding another memorable chapter to their rivalry, the Colts’ tedious coaching search, Chiefs-Eagles, and more! Nick Yeoman fills-in for Schultz.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E121

    Episode 9

    The guys jump into a long-awaited resolution to Myles Turner's (near) future, break down Jeff Saturday's chances of landing the head coaching job, recap Championship Weekend, and Schultz gets upset about studio props blocking his muscles.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E120

    Episode 10

    In Episode 120, Jake pokes fun at the over-the-top nature of the Colts' expansive head coaching search, plus the guys talk Purdue getting back to #1, Indiana getting back to their November selves, and whether falling back into the Lottery is the most beneficial thing for the Pacers.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E119

    Episode 11

    The guys dive into the head coaching search, the C.J. Stroud decision news, and the Wild Card Weekend that was. Also, Indiana gets a critical win, a look at Dr. King's ongoing legacy, and Jake has some weird avocado facts you probably didn't know.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E118

    Episode 12

    The guys say goodbye to the 2022 Colts after one final embarrassing failure, discuss Jeff Saturday's future, Purdue bouncing back, IU backsliding, and the Pacers staying hot!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E117

    Episode 13

    The Colts watched helplessly as another team (Giants) clinched something (a playoff berth) against them and Schultz discusses why Jeff Saturday can't be retained. Also, the guys look at Jim Harbaugh being Jim Irsay's first call, Buddy Hield's terrific first half, and recap two epic CFB semifinal ...

  • Query & Schultz S3:E116

    Episode 14

    The guys discuss an historic collapse in Minnesota and disagree what it means for Chris Ballard. Also, IU blasted at The Phog and Schultz asks if it's weird to not exchange holiday gifts with your significant other.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E115

    Episode 15

    The guys recap a great Sunday for Colts' draft position and who in front of them will be in the market for a QB. Also, a college hoops recap, why the Purdue football job is attractive, and Jake treats Derek like a circus elephant.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E114

    Episode 16

    The guys discuss the fourth quarter avalanche in Dallas, where the Colts go from here, while also discussing Purdue falling short in the Big Ten title game and the usual show features. Greg Rakestraw fills-in for Schultz!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E113

    Episode 17

    The guys recap another Colts' heartbreaker and officially stick a fork in the 2022 team while looking forward to what's next. Also, perhaps the best week in Purdue sports history, a thrilling Pacers' buzzer-beater, and Jake refuses to do the show rejoiners.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E112

    Episode 18

    The guys recap a heartbreaking loss to the Eagles, discuss the Colts' offensive woes, and get into a big first week for Purdue and Indiana on the hardwood. Also, Schultz discovers a hidden talent he never knew he had!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E111

    Episode 19

    The guys discuss one of the wildest weeks in Colts' history, capped by a thrilling win in Las Vegas. Also, they take a look around at the lack of contenders in the NFL, Purdue's suddenly feasible path to Indy, and Jake makes accusations about Derek's ex-girlfriends.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E110

    Episode 20

    It was a Monday morning for the ages as the Colts relieved Frank Reich of his duties and replaced him with fan-favorite Jeff Saturday (in the middle of the show's taping!). The guys reacted in real time while also discussing the Pacers' promising start and Notre Dame's stomping of Clemson.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E109

    Episode 21

    With Jake overseas, Greg Rakestraw fills in with Schultz to recap another disappointing Colts' loss - but semi-encouraging debut performance from Sam Ehlinger - and talk about the surprising Pacers and Bennedict Mathurin start to the season! Plus, features and a look down memory lane with former ...

  • Query & Schultz S3:E108

    Episode 22

    The guys discuss the Colts' offense stinking it up for another Sunday and why they're accepting that unit for what it is. Also, an encouraging start for the Pacers' young guns, a disappointing in-state college football weekend, and Jake gets hung up on IU's historic loss total.

  • Query & Schultz S3:E107

    Episode 23

    The guys discuss Indy's first complete (and competent) offensive performance of the year in a win over Jacksonville, examine the NFL's large middle class through six weeks, Query claims Tom Allen "ain't it", and Schultz is ruled out of the in-studio show due to illness!

  • Query & Schultz S3:E106

    Episode 24

    The guys talk Colts-Broncos from Thursday Night Football and where the Colts need to improve the most. Also, a look around the in-state college football weekend, MLB Playoffs, and Schultz's early promise as an opera singer in his childhood.