Query & Schultz

Query & Schultz

2 Seasons

Get the latest on the Colts, Pacers, Indiana sports...and all the other randomness. Query & Schultz debuts every Monday at 7:30 PM on ISC TV, ISCSportsNetwork.com, Comcast channel 81, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

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Query & Schultz
  • Query & Schultz S2:E66

    Episode 1

  • Query & Schultz S2:E65

    Episode 2

  • Query & Schultz S2:E64

    Episode 3

  • Query & Schultz S2:E63

    Episode 4

  • Query & Schultz S2:E62

    Episode 5

  • Query & Schultz S2:E61

    Episode 6

    The guys recap an ugly (but winning!) Colts-Jaguars slog, discuss where IU football goes after a catastrophic 2021 season, get into the Pacers getting back on track, and debate whether you should meet internet friends in real life.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E60

    Episode 7

  • Query & Schultz S2:E59

    Episode 8

    The guys discuss how the Colts blew it against the Titans, potentially losing the division (and the season?), and discuss Carson Wentz's warts showing up at the worst time. Also, discussion on an important road win for Purdue, the potential for an 11-win Notre Dame season, and the Pacers' disastr...

  • Query & Schultz S2:E58

    Episode 9

    We recap a rain-soaked Colts win in San Francisco and talk about the offense's potential with an ascending Michael Pittman Jr. Also, Pacers' opening week thoughts, college football recap, and Jake tests his Steph Curry Theory with Patrick Mahomes.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E57

    Episode 10

    The guys discuss the Colts' thumping of the lowly Texans, Jonathan Taylor's ridiculousness and the return of The Colts Surge Train (TM). Plus, what Purdue's big win over #2 Iowa means for their season, IU football backtracking, and Schultz's first live USMNT soccer experience.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E56

    Episode 11

    It's basically a Colts-Ravens pregame show! We get you set for a big Week 5 Monday Night matchup in Baltimore, recap the college football CHAOS from over the weekend, and talk about the coolest thing Jake does every year.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E55

    Episode 12

    Colts win! The guys discuss the Colts coming through against Jacoby Brissett and the Dolphins, a tough Saturday for Purdue and Indiana, Jake's insistence on Ohio State making the playoffs, and a difficult playoff scenario for Derek's marriage.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E54

    Episode 13

    The guys dissect the Colts' disastrous 0-3 start after a frustrating afternoon in Nashville, debate the Carson Wentz backup situation, discuss IU/Purdue surviving and bowl hopes, and somehow stumble into a state capitals quiz and Schultz's Monopoly prowess.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E53

    Episode 14

    The guys recap a more encouraging loss for the Colts, give the latest on Carson Wentz's ankle(s), and dive into a disappointing big game Saturday for Indiana and Purdue. Also, Schultz burns his lip on pancakes and Query visits more dead people in California.

  • Query & Schultz S2:E52

    Episode 15

    The guys discuss yet another Colts' season-opening loss and what Sunday's demolition by the Seahawks means for Indy going forward. They also take a look around college football, including an intriguing Purdue-Notre Dame Week 3 matchup, and Jake reveals a hidden talent.