Catfish Crazy

Catfish Crazy

2 Seasons

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Catfish Crazy
  • Catfish Crazy S2 E4

    Episode 1

    Chris goes solo and pulls some planer boards. This show is highly informative with several in depth explanations on this extremely effective fishing technique.

  • Catfish Crazy S2 E3

    Episode 2

    Chris fishes with Alan Thomerson on Kerr Lake in Virginia. The guys will be dragging for big blue cats on the lake that is home to the current world record blue cat.

  • Catfish Crazy S2 E11

    Episode 3

    Chris heads to Lake Wateree in South Carolina to fish with Benji Brown. Shallow water anchor fishing for blue cats. They will show you what to look for on your electronics to locate the bait fish and the cats.

  • Catfish Crazy S2 E10

    Episode 4

    Chris fishes with Alan Thomerson on Kerr Lake in Virginia, but this time it is the winter. Chris and Alan use the LiveScope to show you how to catch bait, then put those baits to good use.

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E9

    Episode 5

  • Catfish Crazy S2 E8

    Episode 6

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E7

    Episode 7

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E6

    Episode 8

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E5

    Episode 9

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E2

    Episode 10

    Host Chris Souders is joined by long-time friend Jason Mathenia. This show has surprises from start to finish as they fish the Missouri River.

  • Catfish Crazy S2:E1

    Episode 11

    In the first episode of season 2, Host Chris Souders fishes his home waters solo in search of big blue cats.