Brush Pile Fishing

Brush Pile Fishing

8 Seasons

Hosted by 11-time National Qualifier Russ Bailey, Brush Pile Fishing walks the viewer through finding the right lake, setting up a pattern that works, and how to bring in the big fish, no matter what time of year!

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Brush Pile Fishing
  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E17

    Episode 1

    Russ is joined by local guide, Jeremy Stoddard, as they fish a power plant lake. The air temp is in the teens, but the water temp is in the 50’s.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E16

    Episode 2

    Russ and Jerry are using the Garmin Live Scope to spot the fish on a huge brush pile.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E15

    Episode 3

    Russ goes it solo to show you what his home lake has to offer. It’s Grand Lake St. Mary's in Ohio.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E14

    Episode 4

    Russ fishes with local guide, John Harrison on Arkabutla Lake in Mississippi. The weather is hot, but so is the fishing.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E13

    Episode 5

    Russ and Stuart fish deep for those huge Louisiana Crappie. Fighting unusually cold weather for the south, can Russ and Stuart bring home the bacon?

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E12

    Episode 6

    Russ fishes with old friend and B’n’M Pro Staffer Kent Driscoll. Going old school with a bobber and minnow on Percy Priest in Tennessee.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E11

    Episode 7

    Russ gets to fish with former pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Lenny Barker. Russ takes Lenny to some of his favorite spots on Lake Erie in Ohio.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E10

    Episode 8

    Russ fishes with his friend and Bonehead Tackle Pro Staffer Brian Carter. They are on Lake O’ the Pines in Texas. You don’t want to miss this highly informational and big fish show.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E9

    Episode 9

    Russ partners up with Tournament Angler Brad Chapel in the Big Mama Tournament on Lake Washington in Mississippi. It’s a one fish weigh in, folks.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E8

    Episode 10

    Russ heads to Kerr Lake in Virginia to fish with guide Keith Wray. Hold on to your seat for this one.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E7

    Episode 11

    Russ travels way up north to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in Wisconsin to fish with Jeff Robl. Russ and Jeff are in pursuit of those great northern crappie.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E6

    Episode 12

    Russ fishes with Bonehead Tackle Pro Staffer, Tommy Ezell on Lake Fork in Texas. The guys use new technology to their advantage to pull in some huge crappie.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E5

    Episode 13

    Russ is joined by The Dale Hollow Marina Association member, Denny Wilbert. Russ and Denny fish one of the most picturesque lakes in the country.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E4

    Episode 14

    Russ fishes with Crappie Magnet Pro Les Smith. Power Trolling is the name of the game in this episode.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E3

    Episode 15

    In this episode host, Russ Bailey is joined by tournament angler Jason Westerberg. Russ and Jason chase those Lake Dardanelle dandies.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E2

    Episode 16

    Russ is joined by Tournament Angler Whitey Outlaw as they fish on Millers Ferry in Alabama. The scenery is beautiful and the fish are big.

  • Brush Pile Fishing S6:E1

    Episode 17

    Russ Bailey is joined by tournament angler Jake Hengstler. Russ and Jake are in pursuit of the monster crappie on Lake Erie.